The Racing APP

The Racing App has only one objective, to help you back winners. 

The app is bursting with innovations and getting the best from them ideally needs a desktop version of the app. We are delighted then, to finally deliver a responsive webapp version of TRA that is designed to adapt the presentation of the content to suit desktop, tablet and mobile screen sizes. 

Some of the key features of the app and how they can help you are discussed below.


The Compute tool is at the heart of our approach to betting profitably on horse racing. No comparable tool exists on any other racing app or website that we know of.

Compute quantifies the major factors that determine the outcome of races, combines those effects into a single merit rating and calculates a win probability and value price for each runner based on the distribution of those ratings.

For convenience we populate the Compute values for each race with default settings based on our computer algorithms. You should regard these as “factory settings”. It is often beneficial to adjust them in order to account for the nuances associated with specific horses, something that would require millions more lines of code than we have had time to write.


In this responsive website version of the app we have incorporated the form into the card. It can be displayed on mobile by turning your device to a landscape orientation.

The Form is designed to work seamlessly with Compute to allow you to look at each runner’s nuances and adjust the Factor values to your liking. The comments in the Form are focused on helping you arrive at good estimations of the effect of different conditions on a horse’s performance and its latent potential.


The Racing App allows you to display the value prices you calculate on the card alongside each horse rather than displaying a star rating. You can choose this setting in the Settings menu.

Other features

Given the limited time many punters have to make selections, The Racing App also contains a wealth of information that will help you find good prospective bets without detailed form study. These include our race analysts’ naps each day, the computer’s selections in every race and the Betfinder tool, which can be used to build your own Selection System that distils all the day’s runners down into those meeting the criteria you set in your system.

Backing winners

Ultimately making money from backing horses depends on whether you can predict the win probability of a horse better than the bookmaker or those that lay odds on exchanges. The tools and content in The Racing App will help you in this quest.

It is a matter of personal choice whether you choose to back more than one horse in a race, back the best value horse in a race or the horse with the best chance of winning. Our advice would be to back horses that have the best chance of winning and that are a longer price than your form study suggests they should be.